NWLL prides itself on the umpire training and mentorship programs that strive to bring consistent fare umpiring at every level. Our youth umpires are typically experienced players who have taken a real interest in baseball and decide to take on the umpire training.

Umpires begin their training at the age of 12. First year umpires will work lower divisions and ones that the player is not playing in. The training sessions are held every year in the spring, and the mentorship occurs all season long.  NWLL continually tries to recruit umpires and provides training for them (free of charge or greatly subsidized). Our Umpire in Chief (UIC) conducts the spring training and oversees the mentorship program. The UIC is the NWLL contact point for umpire training and mentorship.

Umpires work with the Umpire Scheduler to sign up for training and the schedule for ensuring game coverage for the season. The umpire is paid a stipend for every game they work in. NWLL uses the Assignr app for all scheduling.

If you are not a NWLL player and you would like to train to be an umpire with NWLL, please fill out the umpire registration form. NWLL players can indicate their interest in umpiring on the registration form.

Home plate Baseball Umpire from behind


Umpires determine whether they are available for games depending on personal schedules.  NWLL may not have sufficient umpires for every game. It has always been the policy that a parent would fill in and umpire a game if one was not available, especially at the younger ages.

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