Off-Field Team Manager Guide Overview

The Off-Field Manager works closely with the Head Coach is responsible for acting as a liaison between the coaches and the parents, ensure all team paperwork is correct and submitted on time and ensuring/tracking volunteer commitments for your team.

The Off-Field Team Manager is responsible for uniform pick-up (all divisions) and jersey tracking, pick-up and returns (Minor to Senior ONLY). They must also ensure all uniform-related paperwork is accurate and submitted to NWLL.

The Off-Field manager is also responsible for ensuring volunteers are available to scorekeep and pitch count at each game, and maintaining the team pitch-count logbook, which must be at every game and made available for review upon request by any opposing team, umpire or NWLL Coordinator and/or Board of Director. This person must also maintain and track the team volunteer log.

Off-Field Team Manager

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Team communication
    • Liaison between the coaches and the parents
    • Enter game and practice schedules into TeamSnap
      • Games must be entered as a "game" in TeamSnap to access the scoring and pitch counting capabilities
      • Practices and other events are entered as an "event"
  • Field Preparation
    • Coordinating parents to complete field preparation and cleanup
      • The home team is responsible for setting up the diamond (line the baselines with chalk, set-up bases, make sure pitching mound is in good shape)
      • The visiting team is responsible for clean-up of the diamond (put away bases, rake the baselines and other major divots, rake mound and cover with tarp)
      • For interlock teams, the home team does ALL field set-up/clean-up. When you are the visiting team, you enjoy the benefit of the home team prepping/cleaning the fields
      • Bases stay at the diamonds in the equipment bin
  • Scorekeeping
    • Ensure that for each game there is a scorekeeper
    • Teach other parents (who want to learn) how to keep score (here is a great video to teach parents how to scorekeep)
    • During gameplay, the home team is the “official” scorekeeper and must ensure the score sheet is correct
    • It is recommended that the team which is visiting also keep score
  • Pitch Count
    • Ensure that for each game there is a pitch-counter
    • Teach other parents (who want to learn) how to pitch count
    • During gameplay, the visiting team is the “official” pitch counter
    • It is recommended that the team who is home also keep count pitches
    • Pitch Count Sheet
  • Pitching Log
    • At the end of each game, you must complete the pitching log and have the other team coach/manager sign it
    • Ensure you have a pitch count, the full name of the player, player number, and baseball age
    • Calculate how many days rest the player requires and the next available day to pitch
    • Be sure to inform Coach if they are attempting to pitch an ineligible player before the start of the game
    • Check the opposing teams log before the game
    • This tracking tool is to ensure the safety of all players in the league
    • Pitching Eligibility Tracking Form
  • Game stat tracking in TeamSnap
    • The final score and pitch count for your team must be entered into TeamSnap within 24 hours of the completion of the game
    • Use this how-to document to learn how to enter in game stats
  • Volunteer Tracking
  • Uniforms
    • Managers will pick up uniforms and jerseys for the team on Uniform/Jersey Pick Up Day
    • Off-Field Team Managers (Minor to Senior Only) will return Jerseys on hangers and in a garment bag together
    • Failure to return jerseys will result in invoice a Jersey Deposit fee to the family
    • Fill in and submit jersey tracking and return sheet with jerseys
  • Weather Cancellations

    • Cancellations for T-Ball, Coach Pitch, Minors and Majors will be decided by the Board
    • Cancellatiosn for Interlock teams (Majors, Intermediate, Junior, Senior) are decided by coaches and communicated directly to teams.
    • Weather cancellations will be communicated via TeamSnap; they will also be posted on NWLL Twitter (@NWLLcalgary) and/or Facebook (Calgary Northwest Little League)
    • It may be helpful to also send a TeamSnap alert for any parents who have our emails ending up in spam folders