Off-Field Team Manager Guide Overview

The Off-Field Manager works closely with the Head Coach is responsible for acting as a liaison between the coaches and the parents, ensure all team paperwork is correct and submitted on time and ensuring/tracking volunteer commitments for your team.

The Off-Field manager ensures the pitch-count and score sheets are signed by both teams and submitted to the age-group coordinator and both the age-group coordinator and district (all interlock teams) after each game. The Off-Field manager is responsible for maintaining the team pitch-count logbook, which must be at every game and made available for review upon request by any opposing team, umpire or NWLL Coordinator and/or Board of Director. This person must also maintain and track the team volunteer log and submit it to the age-group coordinator.

The Off-Field Team Manager is also responsible for uniform pick-up (all divisions) and jersey tracking, pick-up and returns (Minor to Senior ONLY). They must also ensure all uniform-related paperwork is accurate and submitted to NWLL. They are also responsible for collecting jersey deposit cheques (Minor to Senior ONLY) and submitting them to NWLL. Uniforms and Jerseys will only be released with Jersey Deposit Cheques (where applicable).

Off-Field Team Manager

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Team communication
    • Liaison between the coaches and the parents
    • Game and Practice Schedules
    • Set up TeamSnap (may be delegated)
  • Field Preparation
    • Coordinating parents to complete field preparation and cleanup
      • The home team is responsible for setting up the diamond (rake the field, line the field, set-up bases)
      • The visiting team is responsible for clean-up of the diamond
  • Scorekeeping
    • Ensure that for each game, there is a parent to keep score
    • Teach other parents (who want to learn) how to keep score
    • Ensure that both teams' coaches sign the scorebook
    • During gameplay, the home team is the “official” scorekeeper and must ensure the score sheet is correct
    • It is recommended that the team which is visiting also keep score
  • Pitch Count
    • Ensure that for each game there is a pitch-counter
    • Teach other parents (who want to learn) how to pitch count
    • Ensure that both teams' coaches sign the pitch count sheets at the end of games
    • During gameplay, the visiting team is the “official” pitch counter
    • It is recommended that the team who is home also keep count pitches
    • Pitch Count Sheet - Type 1
  • Pitching Log
    • At the end of each game, you must complete the pitching log and have the other team coach/manager sign it
    • Ensure you have a pitch count, the full name of the player, player number, and baseball age
    • Calculate how many days rest the player requires and the next available day to pitch
    • Be sure to inform Coach if they are attempting to pitch an ineligible player before the start of the game
    • Check the opposing teams log before the game
    • This tracking tool is to ensure the safety of all players in the league
    • Pitching Log Tracking Form
  • Volunteer Tracking
  • Safety
    • The equipment bag has a first aid kit. Due to COVID, parent/family members should provide first aid to their own player whenever possible.
    • Find a volunteer to be the team Safety Officer; they will be in charge of overseeing the implementation of the COVID Safe Return to Play plan
    • Help Safety Officer assign team volunteer roles in Team Snap to ensure Equipment Cleaners and Game Spotter/Coordinator are available.
  • Uniforms
    • Managers will Pick Up Uniforms and Jerseys for the Team on Uniform/Jersey Pick Up Day (May 8, 2021)
    • Use the corresponding Team Manager’s Uniform/Jersey Responsibilities Form to track details for your division:
    • For Each Child on the team, Parents must provide a Cheque (Payable to NWLL, Post-dated to June 30, 2021) for a $200 Jersey Deposit (Minor to Senior Only). Uniforms and Jerseys will only be released with Jersey Deposit Cheques (where applicable).
    • For Each Child on the team, Parents must provide a Cheque (Payable to NWLL, Post-dated to June 30, 2021) for a $200 Volunteer Deposit. Uniforms and Jerseys will only be released with ALL Deposit Cheques (where applicable)
    • For families with multiple players, the volunteer deposit cheque can be combined, but the jersey deposit cheques have to be separate
    • Off-Field Team Managers (Minor to Senior Only) will return Jerseys on hangers and in a garment bag together with the Jersey Tracking & Return Sheet on June 27, 2021 (to be confirmed)
    • Failure to return jerseys will result in cashing of jersey Deposit Cheques
    • Fill in and submit jersey tracking and return sheet with jerseys
  • Potential Picture Day, May 29, 2021
    • Offered to parents who want to have their player’s baseball pictures for 2021 Season
    • Only individual pictures will be taken (TEAM PICTURES TBD)
    • The venue will be outdoors at Arbour Lake Diamonds
    • Only players who order pictures will participate
  • Rainouts
  • Important Dates
    • Manager Meeting: April 25 @ 6:30 pm on Google Meet
    • Uniform & Jersey Pick-up, submit Code of Conduct forms: May 8, 2021, noon - 2pm at shed at Arbour Lake Diamonds
    • Potential Player Picture Day: May 29, 2021, at Arbour Lake Diamonds
    • Jersey Return (to be confirmed): June 27, 2021, at shed at Arbour Lake Diamonds