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Volunteer Points Policy

Last updated: March, 2023

NWLL recognizes that without its many volunteers, our baseball league would not exist.  The contributions of our volunteers are immeasurable.  As a parent volunteer group, we have a profound effect on the young athletes' experience in our organization.  Due to the lack of volunteers in key and team positions, a volunteer policy has been implemented by the NWLL executive.

A $200 volunteer deposit cheque will be required from each NWLL family for each player registered in the league.  The deposit cheque will be cashed at the end of the season (approximately June 30) if the family does not obtain a minimum 300 points per registered player towards volunteer work as authorized by NWLL. If you cannot volunteer in any capacity, you can indicate so when you provide your volunteer cheque and have it cashed promptly.

NWLL will collect all deposit cheques when uniforms are picked up at the start of the season.  If deposit cheques are not provided, your child's uniform will not be issued.

Team coaches will select a team Off Field Manager whose responsibility will be to track volunteer hours and schedule volunteers at the team level.  The Manager will inform the board of parents not meeting the volunteer requirements.  The Board of Directors will make the final decision on whether deposit cheques are cashed.

NWLL Executive positions are voted on at the league's AGM. Persons interested in Executive positions should spend at least one year shadowing the position they are interested in and be prepared to commit a minimum of one 2-year term to the Board.

Below is a chart listing volunteer requirements, volunteer positions, points earned for each volunteer position and credits toward player fees for volunteers.

Each registered baseball player requires a minimum of 300 volunteer points per season on their behalf.

In February 2023, the board implemented a new points system for families with multiple children in the league.  NWLL recognizes that families with multiple children sometime struggle to achieve 300 points per player. As such, the NWLL board of directors will recognize the following sliding scale of points: 1st child: 300 points, 2nd child: 200 points, 3rd child and subsequent child: 100 points. This applies to each season that a family may have multiple children playing with NWLL.

Points Earned - Executive Board

President (2 year term)300per season
VP Operations (1 year term)300per season
Treasurer (2 year term)300per season
Secretary (1 year term)300per season
Umpire in Chief (1 year term)300per season
Director at Large, Special Projects (1 year term)300per season
Director at Large, Player Agent (1 year term)300per season
Director at Large, Communications (1 year term)300per season
Director at Large (1 year term)300per season

Points Earned - Volunteer Positions

Registrar300per season
Webmaster300per season
Coach Coordinator300per season
Casino Coordinator300per season (only in casino year)
Casino volunteer200 (8 hour shift) or 100 (4 hour shift)per season
Head Coach300per season
Assistant Coach50per game/practice
Team Manager300per season
Age group coordinator200per season
Equipment Coordinator200per season
Photo Day Coordinator200per season
Jersey Coordinator200per season
Uniform Coordinator200per season
Maintenance Coordinator200per season
Gear Swap Coordinator150per season
Photo Day volunteer25per hour
Uniform volunteer25per hour
Evaluations volunteer25per hour
Game day diamond prep/clean-up25per game
Score keeper/pitch counter25per game
Team Snack25per game (T-Ball/Coach Pitch)

Points and credits are non-transferable between families